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Message from Coordinator

Dear THT members, 

So we begin another JALT year. Thank you for your continued support and participation in Teachers Helping Teachers SIG.

We'd like to express our thanks and appreciation to Steve Cornwell, for steering the ship as SIG Co-ordinator, and Mizuka Tsukamoto for all her excellent hard work as SIG Treasurer.

During the AGM at the JALT conference earlier this month the following people were voted into officer positions.


Catriona Takeuchi- Coordinator 

Michael Stout- Membership Chair

Brent Jones - Program Chair

Pat Dougherty - Publication Chair

Steve Cornwell - Treasurer



With active and exciting programs in 6 countries; 

Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam and the Philippines, we hope you can join us!


Country coordinators (and normal time of the programs) are:

Bangladesh- Steve Cornwell and Pat Dougherty  (September)

Kyrgyzstan - Roger Palmer and Brent Jones (September)

Laos - Chris Ruddenklau (Feb-March)

Vietnam - Joe Tomei and Mike Furmanovsky (March)

The Philippines - Daniel Minor and Mike Furmanovsky (February)

Nepal- Catriona Takeuchi (TBA)

For contact information please see the website.


Pat Dougherty will continue to edit the THT Journal. 

Please see the website for submissions information.


Anne Howard will be putting out the THT Newsletter in the early spring, but we do need content. 

Please do send any reports, stories, interviews and of course photographs you may have, to  or,

We would especially love some interviews with local teachers and workshop participants.


PAN-SIG 2020 will be held in Niigata, May 30-31.

For further information please see

If you are able to assist in anyway with PAN-SIG, we need;

1. On site assistance

2. Submissions reviewers

3. Proceedings reviewers

If you could help with any of these, please let us know


Thank you and look forward to another great year with THT.

Catriona Takeuchi

THT Coordinator

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