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Teachers Helping Teachers 2022 in Kyrgyzstan: PRACTICE TO THEORY, THEORY TO PRACTICE

This year will be the 14th anniversary of THT Kyrgyzstan and, as we emerge from the pandemic, we are excited at the prospect of extending our activities to the region of Naryn. We expect our Naryn seminar to commence on Saturday, September 10th, and our Bishkek seminars to take place around the 13th to 15th. All delegates will participate in the Bishkek seminars, and it is anticipated that many will opt for Naryn as well.

The theme for this year is: Practice to Theory, Theory to Practice

If you have a Masters Degree or its equivalent in TESOL or a related field and are intrigued by sharing your ideas and expertise in Central Asia, contact delegate leaders Brent Jones ([at] or Roger Palmer (roger88[at] with at least three proposals. Please be sure to indicate your available dates. You can also submit online via the THT website ( The deadline for applying is July 11th.

Once your proposals have been received and accepted, information about accommodations and travel arrangements will be forwarded to participants.  Feel free to contact the coordinators with questions.


Fill in all fields. Each submission should include 3 titles and a short (100 - 150 word) abstract for each title.