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THT in Laos - Overview

Overview -  The Lao program is flexible, empowering and responsive to the expressed needs of Lao educators and volunteers and their skills. Our main aim is to support teachers in the environment where they teach, using the resources which they have, within the bounds of the curriculum which they need to teach.


Programs are held in February-March and dates are flexible.


Programs established 2007 (2007~2009, Lao American College, seminars for students and staff.)


Over the past several years we have worked with and are continuing to work with:


- Lao TESOL (a two day closed event for over 400 Lao English teachers) - presentations and support,


- The National University of Laos - in-service training programs; seminars for Masters in TESOL students/undergraduate students; joint research opportunities,


- State secondary schools - peer mentoring, teachers and trainee teachers; impromptu seminars; homestays,


- Dhongkhamxang Teachers Training College and Agricultural College - workshops for teachers of English,


- Lao American College - seminars for students and peer mentoring for staff.


We have delivered donations of over 4,500 English books to Lao schools and have supported 56 visits to Laos by THT volunteers.


This program differs from other THT events and is continuing to develop. In the future, we hope to be able to offer support to rural schools outside of Vientiane District and also to Souphanouvong University in Luang Prabang.


Please contact: Chris Ruddenklau Lao Program Co-ordinator for further information: chrisruddenklau [at]


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