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THT in the Philippines (2020)

The most recent THT events in the Philippines were held in late February 2020 at the following three venues. Theme: Bridging the High School to Senior High School Gap


1. Cebu City [University of the Philippines Cebu Branch] February 22 (Saturday) 2. Naval- [Biliran Province State University] February 26 (Wednesday) 3. Tacloban City [Leyte Normal University] February 29 (Saturday)


At present, programs are on hold due to COVID-19. Check back for updates. Organizing and scheduling will take place between December 2019 and January 2020. Estimated total costs excluding the international flight are around 45-65,000 yen including hotels and domestic travel. International flights are 25-45,000.


If you are interested please message the co-coordinators, Daniel Minor ( or Michael Furmanovsky ( There is also a closed Facebook group that you can be added to after sending an e-mail expressing interest. After that, you will receive instructions on the deadlines for submitting abstracts and the logistics of the seminars. Each seminar will have a theme but in general, we are looking for presentations that fit the new K-12 curriculum and context in the Philippines.


Fill in all fields. Each submission should include 3 titles and a short (100 - 150 word) abstracts.

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